Why Twitter as a Social Media Outlet is Better Than TV

20110507-063032.jpg I’m sitting here at the gate in the Phoenix airport and felt compelled to write a new blog post for two reasons:

1. Demonstrate the power and relevance of Twitter as an outlet for “media.”

2. The blog post allows for more than the 140 characters on Twitter that I need.

The TV here has been on for 45 minutes and nothing has been mentioned or shown other than Osama bin Laden. The death. The killing. The photos. It goes on and on and on.

I mean come on. It happened OVER a week ago and this is the only relevant, current and most interesting news now?! What about the good in the world that happened today here or anywhere else in the world? Are we that desperate as a society for fear and drama we have to relive this event from a week ago which for many of us relives the event from almost 10 years ago?

That’s where Twitter comes in. Last week, within minutes of this event – it spread like wildfire on Twitter. The concentrated amount of activity and insight and comments on the event was powerful. And then, we collectively moved on. By the time Monday morning rolled around, we were discussing and talking about the most current and relevant media topic at at that time. Twitter moves that fast because the conversation aspect of the platform demands it. We have no time to talk about “what was” – only “what is.”

They should create “Twitter TV” and have it be a live-stream of the most relevant tweets at that time and blast it in airports instead of CNN. I’d watch – and listen. Maybe even TIVO it!

Until next time… Learn It, Love It, Live It!

15 thoughts on “Why Twitter as a Social Media Outlet is Better Than TV”

  1. Hi Derek,

    I am with you on this! I also do not need to know graphic details of how he was killed, if women and children were killed as they were human shields (now rereacted apparently). Let;s move on! The sun is shining right now so that is a lot to celebrte.

    Best wishes,

  2. Derek, I am sooo with you on this one! I think that twitter reflects the fact that yes, we do collectively want to discuss something which is happening, or just happpened, but it’s the media which is continually wanting us to linger and dwell and micro-analyse stuff ad nauseum.

    Maybe one day the populus will get wise to this fact, and just turn off, or turn over!

    Loving your blog btw – you and Fabienne are an inspiration 🙂

    1. So great to hear, Tanya – and glad my post got us thinking about this even more! Thanks for contributing!

  3. I do agree Derek what is called news worthy seems to be written about debated and talked about which seems infinite. Things like this always take a life of their own after we are at the point of enough already . Case in point Osama bin Laden Charlie Sheen and the list goes on.

    1. So true, Nancy. Thank god I’ve forgotten about Charlie Sheen at this point! Thanks for contributing to the comments!

  4. Derek –

    So true – and watch out – somebody will create Twitter Tv (maybe you should).

    It’s so hard to get away from it to isn’t it? TV’s everywhere where you can’t control it – airport, my dentist has one on every treatment chair (which I ask them to turn off), hotel bathrooms – last weekend in Chicago they were built into the mirrors in the ladies room, etc.

    Really? I’m all for being connected but it’s gotten carried away.

    And, some good news once in a while would be nice huh? When I was a kid there was a show called “Good News” on Saturday mornings – didn’t last long.

    Great post my friend!

  5. ABSOLUTELY agree! We as humans need to focus on the present more and this rehashing just doesn’t lead to anything positive, does it?

    Great post.

  6. The only news that keeps me smiling is the news about Kate and Will! It was the week that the Whole work united in love and well wishes for someones happiness! Now that news was awesome!
    The rest, I don’t watch or listen to, it’s depressing, makes me feel sad, I don’t like the judgement that surfaces as people try to take sides…

    I agree Derek, facebook and twitter moves on and we get to choose who’s comments we follow or navigate away from.

    Ps My mother on law is horrified that I only get my news from Facebook 🙂 I think if it’s newsworthy it makes it to fb!

    1. I love that you get news from FB! I avoid everything else and keep my pulse on the Tweeps that matter! Love to you and Lachlan!

  7. Derek,

    Dead on. Twitter does move fast and does move on, one reason I believe people like it.

    I also agree with Diane maybe you should create “Twitter TV”. Connected is with relevant and good news in that way could be fun!

    Enjoyed the post. Enjoy the day with your family!

  8. Great post, Derek!

    The Royal Wedding was a lovely, and welcomed, reprieve from Charlie Sheen. And yes, while I was happy to get the news and subsequent updates about Bin Laden, there really is much more going on – for ex., what’s the update on the poor people in Japan? How about Tuscaloosa??? the CAnadian election, even, LOL!!!!!!! It IS a big world out there…..

    Love Twitter – (and I love my own radio show, “The Happy Hour with Pat”! – just to respond to Diane’s comment above).

    Take care –


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