What Is The Temperature Of Your Traffic?

In order to effectively and consistently build your list, you need to understand where your leads are coming from. With all the different traffic sources out there as well strategies to authentically bring leads back to your site to join your list, the idea of treating the source of leads differently based on their source can often be overlooked.

The truth of the matter is there are basically two different types of traffic out there. Cold traffic and warm traffic. How you treat these leads when they come to your site or even more importantly once they are on your list is critically important in terms of selling products or programs as well as the relationship you build with them over time.

First some facts:

Cold traffic is sourced from paid sources (i.e. Google AdWords): People searching for answers online and clicking ads and coming to your site. Although these prospects searching for your information usually know very little about you or your services – they are highly motivated to find information that is the answer to their question or solution to their problem. The reason they are ‘cold’ is simply because they have not been ‘warmed up’ to you yet – and there is really no basis for a relationship. They don’t know ‘who’ you are or ‘what’ you have to offer compared to anything else out there.

Warm traffic is sourced from organic sources (articles, social media, etc.) People are casually looking for you or searching for your information and then clicking your call to action (IFO) and coming to your site. They probably have heard of you (perhaps from a referral) or have been following you online (via Twitter or Facebook) – so they are already ‘warmed up’ to the idea of ‘who’ you are and ‘what’ you have to offer.

Now, how you treat them CAN be different. I say ‘can be’ because for most people the effort involved in differentiating leads from these two sources may be a lot if you don’t have a huge amount of traffic coming from either source. But, if you’re driving a large amount of traffic say from cold traffic via Google AdWords, this strategy could pay off.

If you have a squeeze page available, you can direct your cold traffic leads directly to your squeeze page. Why? Cold traffic is actively searching for answers and solutions that your information can solve for them. As a result, they are extremely motivated to get that information. Motivated to the point they are more likely to opt-in to get it (via your IFO) if you present it to them via a squeeze page. Why a squeeze page? Well, your probability for conversion will dramatically increase if you use a squeeze page to a prospect that is very motivated to get the information you have to offer. For example, we send all of our cold traffic for Client Attraction (via Google AdWords) directly to a separate squeeze page (www.clientattraction.com/cd). That page is only visible to traffic from cold traffic sources. So, our objective is aggressively encourage these prospects to opt-in (and possibly even present a paid offer for a product or program very soon after they do opt-in to capitalize on that opportunity.)

Now, for all of our warm traffic (leads coming from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, article marketing sites, etc.) we send them to our regular homepage (www.clientattraction.com). Why? Chances are if they are following us in these areas, they may already be on our list. And, we don’t want to rub them the wrong way by right off the bat pushing them into a squeeze page. If not, we still present plenty of opportunities to join our list with an opt-in form sprinkled throughout our site. And, as a warm traffic lead – they are just casually looking for information about Client Attraction – not necessarily super motivated to opt-in or buy right away. So, our objective is to build the long-term relationship with them with our stay-in-touch marketing vehicles like the weekly ezine.

Perhaps you can develop a similar strategy for yourself in terms of segmenting your traffic via cold and warm sources. You may discover you have better opportunities to build your list and ultimately convert more leads to clients and buyers!

Until Next Time… Learn It, Love It, Live It!

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  1. Derek – This is my favorite article you’ve written so far because its a strategy that the general website owner doesn’t think to use. P.Marshall and other Adword strategists teach the landing page theory for cold traffic, but never discuss how the strategy changes with “warm” traffic. Well done! Thx for the great tip!

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