Welcome to Authentic Internet Marketing

Congratulations on joining the Authentic Internet Marketing community – really glad you’re here. As promised, here are the free videos for you (actually, two free videos).

FREE Video #1: Social Media and Authentic Internet Marketing.

In this video I show you how to use social media to authentically build your list, using platforms like Facebook, Twitter and your Blog. Whether you’re a novice or expert, this video will show you how to use these tools to consistently add more leads to your list. I talk about the most important aspect of a social media strategy and how to leverage different list building strategies on Facebook and Twitter to add more people to your list. I will show you how to easily and immediately “set it all up” using simple to follow screenshots and real world examples. Lastly, the best way to use Facebook and Twitter to connect with your network and prospects to engage them and add them to your list.

FREE Video #2:The 4 Pillars of Authentic List Building

Behind the scenes footage from the May 2009 Glazer Kennedy Super Conference where Derek Fredrickson hosted a round-table discussion on authentic list building using online and offline strategies.