The Harsh Reality Of Online Traffic (hint, it’s not all created equal)

This article builds on my recent post about tracking the source of your traffic and how that can help you understand more about the leads you’re attracting and the types of visitors to your site. Now, some cold hard facts. The harsh reality about traffic is this: “Not all traffic is created equal.” The source of your traffic will largely dictate the quality of the lead on your list.

The better the source, the better quality of the lead. For example: A direct referral from someone you know (say a past client) vs. dropping your business card in a fishbowl at a trade show. Which do you think will have more chance of building a know-like-trust factor and respond favorably to your content and offers? Obviously, the trusted referral source will yield a higher quality lead. Thus, the  “quality” depends on the source.

What are the best sources for high quality traffic? Here is my own personal view on the best types of traffic by source from high to low. There are obviously dozens out there but I chose the ones I work with my clients on directly the most:

  • Personal Trusted Referral (current and former clients, your ‘unpaid’ sales force)
  • Joint Ventures and Strategic Partners (raving fans and your ‘paid’ sales force)
  • Paid Advertising (prospects who are actively looking and willing to buy)
  • Social Media/Blog/Article Marketing (prospects who are casually looking and possibly interested to buy)

Why is the quality of the lead dependent on the source of traffic? The more hoops a prospect has to jump through in order to join your list, the more qualified they will be. The less hoops, the less qualified.

Take paid advertising (pay-per-click) for example. That prospect has multiple steps to go through before they opt-in to your list.

1.     Go to Google
2.     Search for information / answer / solution
3.     Sees and responds to your ad or offer
4.     Clicks ad
5.     Visits your site to review offer / content
6.     Sees offer and decides to opt-in

Now let’s use the example of social media. That prospect has far less steps to go through before they opt-in to your list.

1.     Sees a tweet / blog post / article
2.     Clicks on call-to-action
3.     Visits your site to review offer / content
4.     Sees offer and decides to opt-in

You might be wondering – why is this important? Answer – focus on the high quality source of traffic! The high quality source of traffic will largely dictate the quality and responsiveness of your list. I like to call this the 80/20 rule. 80% of the people on your list are not your ideal prospects nor will end up as your ideal client/buyer. They are ‘tire-kickers’ (looking only for free information) and often irritated by anything but content. The other 20% of your list are your ideal prospects and will end up as your ideal client/buyer (repeatedly). In the end, it’s all about quality not quantity.

And for authentic internet marketing, building your list is about quality, not quantity. It’s NOT a numbers game. Focus on the high quality of traffic in order to attract the highest quality leads (not the most number of leads). Authentic list building is all about quality – that is a strategy that will pay in the long run.

Until next time… Learn It, Love It, Live It!

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17 thoughts on “The Harsh Reality Of Online Traffic (hint, it’s not all created equal)”

  1. Thanks Dereck. Finally, someone who is focused on more than just building a large list! Who wants to spend the time and energy writing a blog or ezine to thousands of people who never intent to buy? I would rather have the small list of 20% and develop relationships with them.

  2. Hey Derek – great reminder and I completely agree the JV/referral is absolutely the best. We’ve all gotta start somewhere though so what would be your number one traffic tip for new business owners?


    1. I still think it’s the trusted referral from a current or former client – that builds the know, like and trust factor so quickly. They usually take the least amount of time from “prospect” to “client.”

  3. Howdy, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar one and i was just wondering if you get a lot of spam comments? If so how do you prevent it, any plugin or anything you can advise? I get so much lately it’s driving me mad so any assistance is very much appreciated.

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