Email List Building – Pay-Per-Click Advertising

In this video, you will discover:

  • Why pay-per-click advertising is the most overlooked yet powerful email list building strategy available today
  • The dollar amount that you are willing to pay for a new client and how to turn that into a profit
  • The simple formula that proves why paid advertising to build your email list virtually guarantees a return on your investment
  • The opportunity to leverage Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising to showcase your website to build your email list
  • The distinction between organic and paid search results on Google and how to get seen
  • The fastest path to get found online and how to generate more clicks to your website to build your list
  • Why Facebook admits that you have to pay for your fans to see your posts (and how to do it)
  • 3 examples of Facebook advertising campaigns to build your fan page or your email list
  • How to tap into the advanced targeting options available on Facebook to show your ad to the exact client you want to attract
  • 6 examples of Facebook advertising you can start implementing today

Email List Building – Social Media

In this video, you will discover:

  • How to attract clients and make money through (not from) social media, by giving value and establishing connections
  • How to tap into the massive opportunity with Facebook for marketing your business and building your email list
  • A simple 2-step formula to ensure you’re establishing value and a relationship with your audience so they buy from you
  • How to boost your engagement with your fans on your Facebook fan page
  • Dozens of examples on how to establish community and engagement with your network
  • One simple trick to allow fans to optin to your email list directly from your fan page
  • A free plugin from Facebook that goes on all of your web pages to immediately build engagement and go viral
  • 4 simple strategies to establish a compelling presence on Twitter
  • The most powerful page on Twitter to join the immediate conversation happening in your industry
  • Leverage the same techniques and strategies for LinkedIn and Pinterest and Google+

How To Get More Facebook Fans

I’ve seen so many people make this mistake I decided to do a video about it. I hope you find it useful. If so, please post a comment below or let me know of any questions you have about it.


How To Get More Facebook Fans

This video shows how to get more Facebook fans on your fan page by properly linking your Facebook personal profile to your company or business fan page.

Until next time… Learn It, Love It, Live It!

Everything Happens for a Reason

If you’ve been following me on Twitter and Facebook recently, you know that I had a nasty ski accident out here in Vail, Colorado. I was here for ski training with my race team from Stratton Vermont for 4 full days of skiing and training with some of the best skiers in the world. Skiers were here from all the Olympic teams spanning from the USA to Austria and Canada. I had a day where I got to see some of my heroes on the slopes – Ted Ligety, Bode Miller and even Lindsey Vonn.

Unfortunately, I had a freak ski accident and ended up damaging my knees (both of them) pretty bad. I thought it wasn’t too bad – but as the pain got worse, I got it checked out with X-rays and an MRI along with multiple trips to the Vail Medical Center and their doctors and specialists. It turns out that I completely tore both of my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and meniscus (knee ligament) as well as chipped my bone on my outer left knee. I will end up needing reconstructive surgery on both knees and have several months of recovery with physical therapy and many weeks on crutches. No skiing or physical activity for 6-8 months and possibly back for tennis next summer and competitive skiing next winter.

You have to understand – skiing to me is like nothing else. Beyond my wife and kids – it’s one of the few things that inspire me and motivate me more than anything else. Needless to say, I was quite saddened and devastated with what happened.

During these last few days (in particular from the time of my accident to my final diagnosis from one of the best sports medicine doctors on knee injuries) I learned a lot about the people around me – and myself. Below is what I discovered – and I share it with you so can learn from my perspective – as I’m sure we all have trying times like this where the outlook does not look good.

Think positive. During the two days when I didn’t know exactly what the diagnosis was, I stayed positive. And, I mean ultra positive. Talking to my wife Fabienne and others – I consistently thought about the good that will happen – focusing on the result that I most wanted (full recovery and no long term impact.) Even though I now need surgery and will not ski for the better part of the year – being in a place of positive expectation and having an optimistic attitude helped me with going through this experience and not feeling down or negative about it – and ending up not having a worse situation than I am in now.

Bigger purpose. This experience led me to believe there is a reason behind this accident – and a bigger reason I am choosing to have this experience and what it means for me in my long term purpose here on Earth. Yes, it may sound kooky – but I believe it. It’s all about rising to the challenge and stepping up to what this experience is going to lead me to next.

Focus. Now that I have this time to reflect – I can focus clearly on what really matters. Yes, I will still watch the ski videos and obsess over skiing – but this experience leads me to believe that there is a time for being present NOW – and focusing on what really matters most. My family (my wife and kids) and the close friends I have with me. This is by no means a life altering accident – but it’s in these times of challenge that we should all find it important to reflect and contemplate on what matters most.

Gratitude. I am certain that being in a place of gratitude during this time – if not all the time – is critical for feeling positive and upbeat about what is going on around you. I had a long conversation with my wife Fabienne where I listed everything I was grateful for – in this moment. My wife, my kids, my friends, my work, my surroundings, my support at home, etc. I didn’t stop with just the obvious – I drilled down to being grateful for the glass of wine I had that night. Gratitude works wonders – if you trust and state what you’re grateful for.

Humor. I definitely needed to laugh along the way. From the funny picture about the beef jerky I posted to laughing with my ski buddies here about my accident and their own experiences with ski injuries – laughing and making light of a situation can help you feel even more positive and optimistic.

Long term perspective. Although I was really down and upset about what happened – I had to put things into a longer term perspective. Will I ever ski again? Yes. Will my knees recover 100%? Yes. Can I walk (with crutches) and be present with my wife and kids? Yes. For a time I was pissed about not being able to ski this season. But, it’s only one year. I’ll be back next year – and every other year – for many years to come. Think of the joy that will bring me and those I am with.

Community. This is where it gets really inspiring. The comments and support and reaching out from so many – was so supportive and uplifting. The comments on Facebook alone were partly responsible for keeping me motivated and inspired. It felt so good to be recognized and loved in that way – something that social media and technology can do for us – unlike anywhere else. People from under the woodwork on Facebook reached out and offered words of support, recommendations, a place to stay and even a ride to the airport. For this – I thank you…

So, I do believe that everything happens for a reason – if you think about it in that way and allow yourself to believe it. If you go about your daily routine and never think about the subtle coincidences or big shifts that leave you wondering about WHY – remember this: It all happens for a reason.

Perhaps it’s time for YOU to step in and step up. Or, perhaps it’s simply time to slap on some skis and hit the mountain. 🙂

Until next time… Learn It, Love It, Live It!

p.s. As I wrote this I was listening to some reggae music and this track from Ziggy Marley came on. His words resonated with me and I wanted to share them with you. Again, everything happens for a reason…

Life has come a long way since yesterday I say
And its not the same old thing over again I say
Just do what you feel and don’t you fool yourself I say
Cause I can’t make you happy unless I am I say I say I
Got to be true to myself got to be true to myself

Twitter Secrets Revealed

Twitter just announced a brand-new feature that I wanted to make sure you knew about. It allows people to have 1-click access to follow you on Twitter directly from your website – which is a huge benefit for building your following with your network and establishing a great social media presence using Twitter.

You can read more about it here:

I would definitely recommend setting it up on your website asap.

Speaking of Twitter, I want to share some of the behind-the-scenes strategies and techniques that I personally use with Twitter to build a huge network of loyal, engaging and responsive followers that allows me to consistently build my list and get new clients.

I’m going to make some assumptions that you are already aware of what Twitter is and how to do some of the basics like find friends, get followers, as well as send updates, replies, retweets, etc.

These are some of the more advanced “systems” I use for leveraging the most of what Twitter has to offer.

Friends (you follow) and Followers (follow you). I always suggest connecting with like-minded people and those you want to connect with as much as possible. It’s pace, not race. Most number of friends or followers does not matter. Often those you follow (as a friend) will follow you back. Having said that, people ask me about auto-following back those who follow you. My thought is you don’t have to. Auto-follow is not an obligation, it’s a choice. There are many followers I have which I don’t follow in return and vice-versa. If you’re wiling to take the time and effort to manually follow back those who follow you, I’d suggest it (I personally do it.)

Direct Messages. I’m a huge fan of using DM’s to connect with my followers and friends. Sending a direct message is quick and easy and almost ALWAYS gets a response. Now, I’m very active and engaging on Twitter so people I interact with DM’s tend to be the same. But, it’s in some cases more effective and efficient than sending emails for things like making introductions and connecting.

Favorites. I use Twitter favorites all the time for marking as favorites other tweets I want to read later but just don’t have the time. It’s kind of like email folders for Twitter. See a tweet you like with a link but don’t have time to read it now? Mark it as a favorite and carve out time later to refer back to it. You can see my Twitter Favorites here.

Lists. I have lists to help categorize and organize my Twitter friends. With 55,000 plus friends it’s hard for me to obviously read EVERY tweet that comes out – it’s insane. So, I use Twitter Lists to group relevant friends in buckets and then review those lists together. I have some for friends, brands, skiing and even locked (hidden) lists for things like competitors, prospects, etc. You can see my Twitter Lists here.

Search. Twitter search ( is a great tool for finding content and possible connections (friends and followers). You can search by hashtag (#) and see relevant tweets to that topic or just do a general search for “Internet Marketing” and see all the tweets and conversation about that topic. From there, jump on in and get tweeting.

Applications. I use the following: Hootsuite and Twitter for iPhone. Hootsuite allows me to view everything in a browser which means I can do it from anywhere (any computer and from my phone). It’s great for viewing all the tweets in columns and then reply, DM, schedule and post tweets. The Twitter for iPhone application is just flat-out the easiest and simplest application for a mobile device for Twitter.

Now the most frequently asked question: “Derek, where do you get all your content and ideas?” Here are my secret sources (never revealed these before). Google Reader (I subscribe to a ton of blogs and content sites relevant to my niche). StumbleUpon and Digg for finding interesting and relevant content that my followers will respond to. ME! Yes, I do create most of my own content and tweets based on what YOU provide to me as feedback and content you’re looking for. So, trust your followers and give them what they want – they will love you for it!

I hope these Twitter Secrets help you in the Twitterverse and I can’t wait to see you out there…

Until next time… Learn It, Love It, Live It!

Why Twitter as a Social Media Outlet is Better Than TV

20110507-063032.jpg I’m sitting here at the gate in the Phoenix airport and felt compelled to write a new blog post for two reasons:

1. Demonstrate the power and relevance of Twitter as an outlet for “media.”

2. The blog post allows for more than the 140 characters on Twitter that I need.

The TV here has been on for 45 minutes and nothing has been mentioned or shown other than Osama bin Laden. The death. The killing. The photos. It goes on and on and on.

I mean come on. It happened OVER a week ago and this is the only relevant, current and most interesting news now?! What about the good in the world that happened today here or anywhere else in the world? Are we that desperate as a society for fear and drama we have to relive this event from a week ago which for many of us relives the event from almost 10 years ago?

That’s where Twitter comes in. Last week, within minutes of this event – it spread like wildfire on Twitter. The concentrated amount of activity and insight and comments on the event was powerful. And then, we collectively moved on. By the time Monday morning rolled around, we were discussing and talking about the most current and relevant media topic at at that time. Twitter moves that fast because the conversation aspect of the platform demands it. We have no time to talk about “what was” – only “what is.”

They should create “Twitter TV” and have it be a live-stream of the most relevant tweets at that time and blast it in airports instead of CNN. I’d watch – and listen. Maybe even TIVO it!

Until next time… Learn It, Love It, Live It!

What Is The Temperature Of Your Traffic?

In order to effectively and consistently build your list, you need to understand where your leads are coming from. With all the different traffic sources out there as well strategies to authentically bring leads back to your site to join your list, the idea of treating the source of leads differently based on their source can often be overlooked.

The truth of the matter is there are basically two different types of traffic out there. Cold traffic and warm traffic. How you treat these leads when they come to your site or even more importantly once they are on your list is critically important in terms of selling products or programs as well as the relationship you build with them over time.

First some facts:

Cold traffic is sourced from paid sources (i.e. Google AdWords): People searching for answers online and clicking ads and coming to your site. Although these prospects searching for your information usually know very little about you or your services – they are highly motivated to find information that is the answer to their question or solution to their problem. The reason they are ‘cold’ is simply because they have not been ‘warmed up’ to you yet – and there is really no basis for a relationship. They don’t know ‘who’ you are or ‘what’ you have to offer compared to anything else out there.

Warm traffic is sourced from organic sources (articles, social media, etc.) People are casually looking for you or searching for your information and then clicking your call to action (IFO) and coming to your site. They probably have heard of you (perhaps from a referral) or have been following you online (via Twitter or Facebook) – so they are already ‘warmed up’ to the idea of ‘who’ you are and ‘what’ you have to offer.

Now, how you treat them CAN be different. I say ‘can be’ because for most people the effort involved in differentiating leads from these two sources may be a lot if you don’t have a huge amount of traffic coming from either source. But, if you’re driving a large amount of traffic say from cold traffic via Google AdWords, this strategy could pay off.

If you have a squeeze page available, you can direct your cold traffic leads directly to your squeeze page. Why? Cold traffic is actively searching for answers and solutions that your information can solve for them. As a result, they are extremely motivated to get that information. Motivated to the point they are more likely to opt-in to get it (via your IFO) if you present it to them via a squeeze page. Why a squeeze page? Well, your probability for conversion will dramatically increase if you use a squeeze page to a prospect that is very motivated to get the information you have to offer. For example, we send all of our cold traffic for Client Attraction (via Google AdWords) directly to a separate squeeze page ( That page is only visible to traffic from cold traffic sources. So, our objective is aggressively encourage these prospects to opt-in (and possibly even present a paid offer for a product or program very soon after they do opt-in to capitalize on that opportunity.)

Now, for all of our warm traffic (leads coming from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, article marketing sites, etc.) we send them to our regular homepage ( Why? Chances are if they are following us in these areas, they may already be on our list. And, we don’t want to rub them the wrong way by right off the bat pushing them into a squeeze page. If not, we still present plenty of opportunities to join our list with an opt-in form sprinkled throughout our site. And, as a warm traffic lead – they are just casually looking for information about Client Attraction – not necessarily super motivated to opt-in or buy right away. So, our objective is to build the long-term relationship with them with our stay-in-touch marketing vehicles like the weekly ezine.

Perhaps you can develop a similar strategy for yourself in terms of segmenting your traffic via cold and warm sources. You may discover you have better opportunities to build your list and ultimately convert more leads to clients and buyers!

Until Next Time… Learn It, Love It, Live It!

The Lights Are On, But Nobody’s Home

When it comes to Internet marketing, we tend to get overwhelmed and distracted with all the “bright shiny objects” to help market our business. And what happens is most people jump into all of them – but never actually COMMIT to the work and follow-through that is needed. When it comes to your website, blog, email, video, social media, etc. often times people will do THEM ALL, but unfortunately NOT DO THEM ALL WELL.

Here’s an example. I love to check out someone’s online presence when they express interest in coaching with me. It’s one of the first things I do. I will check out their website, social media, videos, etc. It gives me a great sense about them and their business (and their online marketing challenges) when I spend JUST 2-3 minutes reviewing their website and online presence. I recently went to a website (they indicated their website was still in the “beginning” stages) and saw it was “Under Construction.” It remained like that for months… I mean, come on!

Don’t flaunt it if you don’t have it!

If you “say” you’re active on a social media site but have nothing there, what does that say about your online presence and even more importantly, your business? How do you expect to get clients if you’re saying one thing about your marketing, yet not actually doing it? You’ve got to walk your talk, not just talk your walk. You hand out business cards with a website you’re ashamed of that doesn’t get you any traffic or leads? You’ve got to be serious about your marketing to be serious about making money with your online business. If not, you’re basically saying “lights are on, but nobody’s home!”

Here are other examples that you want to think about:

Website: Just get it done, really. There is no excuse you have to delay buying a $9.95 URL via and have a fully-functioning website setup on WordPress within minutes. Hire a web designer on or and get a decent web banner/logo and just some simple welcome pages for your site. The words “Under Construction” on your website are worse than having no website at all.

Social Media: I see so many people that are jumping on the Facebook and Twitter bandwagon when they haven’t even stopped to think for a second if it actually ‘makes sense’ for their niche. They create a profile, setup an automated feed of tweets and then walk away thinking, “Great, I’ve now used social media to help build my online business.” I’ve visited countless websites to see the prominently displayed and ever-popular “Follow me on Twitter” or “Visit me on Facebook” links. So, I visit and see there is practically nothing there – it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It’s like false advertising. Worse is when you visit a Twitter profile and they have no picture, no bio, no tweets – nothing but just the account. It’s like – who is this person?

YouTube: I’ve visited people’s channel on YouTube only to discover they only have ONE video posted to their account. Not good. The video had nothing to do with their business – but a family vacation trip two years ago where the kids were water-skiing. Yet, the website I was looking at had a button and a link saying, “Check me out on YouTube for my videos!” Why bother

Blog: Don’t say you have a “blog” when you don’t have anything to share like high-content articles or content-rich posts. Blogs are designed to share fresh, current and relevant information. It’s hard to say you have a “blog” when you haven’t posted anything in months.

Email: This is the worst of all. If you’ve added someone to your list and you don’t have a consistent strategy in place to email them and deliver content to them on a regular basis, then why did you build an email list to begin with? It’s like inviting someone over for dinner and the guest commits with an emphatic “Yes!” – But you never stay in touch with them and actually invite them over. You need to stay in touch with your list!

The moral of my rant here is to stick to what works for you and JUST DO IT. Don’t get distracted or influenced by what everyone else does; focus on what works for your niche. When you do commit to something for online marketing, then COMMIT. It’s all about ACTION, not PERFECTION. If you do it half-assed, honestly, and this is my personal opinion, it’s almost worse than not doing it at all.

So, it’s totally cool to hang out in different places online to market your business and help other people, but make sure you’re actually there.

I look forward to “seeing” you there…

Until Next Time… Learn It, Love It, Live It!

Mobile Internet Marketing Secrets Revealed

This is the second part of my two-part article I’m sharing about how to start the new year off with a bang – for your authentic Internet marketing. With all the bells and whistles out there, it sometimes is confusing and overwhelming to choose which tools, systems and applications to use to help market your business online.

In this article, I will share some of my best “mobile” tools and applications for helping you market your business online. Looking for other Internet Marketing secrets? Check out my previous blog post here.

Google Voice

I setup a free account on Google Voice over two years ago and have been using it ever since. Think of the power and ease of use of Gmail along with your mobile phone. Got a wireless signal? Use Google Voice to make ridiculously low priced international calls. And, I love the transcribe feature via email. I setup my home phone to forward to my Google Voice so all the messages are transcribed and sent to me via email as opposed to having to take the time to dial in, press commands, listen, etc.

Really? GoDaddy as a favorite mobile app? With the hundreds (yes, hundreds) of URL’s we own across Client Attraction and Derek Fredrickson, I use this nifty mobile app all the time to search, buy, bid and manage all of our websites and URL’s. Got an idea for a new URL and don’t want to risk the chance of missing buying it? Why wait? GoDaddy allows me to buy and bid on the URL’s right from my mobile phone.

Got a file on your computer at home and can’t send it to the person you’re standing next to? I use the mobile app from LogMeIn to access my remote computer and easily execute commands and perform tasks as if I was right there. It’s very efficient and helpful in cases when I’m doing tasks or activities from my main computer when I’m traveling and can still access them remotely. Hint: I also use Dropbox to help manage online file access so I can access any file from any computer without having to share or email files back and forth

Ok, this is where I might hurt some people’s feelings. I’m a big Mac guy – with everything. I have the pods to the phones to the TV’s and of course the computers – all Apple. So, I could not list my best online mobile apps for 2011 and not give credit to the platform that makes it all possible which is the iPhone. It’s just all around fantastic for so much of running my business and allowing me to stay connected with my network.

Ping is my favorite online mobile app. I use it in two ways. One, I setup my mobile phone number with so I can use the service from my phone like sending text messages. Short, sweet and simple. I don’t need to login to a site or anything like that. Just open my text messenger app on my iPhone and start typing away. Second, I have my Facebook and Twitter account linked to so I only use this service when I want an update sent to both Facebook AND Twitter. Else, I will just use the Twitter iPhone app (see below).
Twitter iPhone

I tried all the others out there (Tweetie, Twitteralator, EchoFon, HootSuite, etc.) and this is by far my favorite. If they ONLY supported timed tweets (setup a tweet for delayed posting) it would be the end-all-be-all. It’s very user friendly and intuitive and supports all Twitter functions you need in a simple interface. I use it all the time to repost my favorite tweets (blog posts) to get more people on my list. It’s very effective.
Facebook iPhone

How can you run an online business and not be using the Facebook iPhone app is beyond me. It’s by far the best out there – and really the only game in town. Not only do I use it to stay connected to my Facebook friends, but also I use it for posting photos and status updates on my Facebook fanpage. Hint: Did you know you could post a photo with a comment directly to your fanpage from the Facebook iPhone app? It’s really cool. Just click the small camera icon from the status update section on your fanpage and then click the “Upload a caption” before you upload the photo – presto!
My secret weapon, revealed! I use this photo-sharing app for sharing my photos on both Twitter and Facebook. And, I’ve set it up so when it posts to Facebook – it posts as an actual photo – not just a link to a photo from my status update. It goes right into my Mobile Photos folder. You have to setup your services first on their website (I setup Twitpic to feed Twitter and Facebook separately) so when I upload a photo from my iPhone to the Pixelpipe service – it streams it out to both (as a picture) simultaneously.
There you have it! My best mobile tips and secrets for 2011 – I hope you enjoyed it!

Until Next Time… Learn It, Love It, Live It!

Tweet Your Way To New Clients

I did a call this week for a Social Media Telesummit that is launching soon and it was about Twitter Marketing. As you probably have seen by now, I’m a Twitter (and social media) fanatic and a huge proponent of Twitter to help build your business. In fact, my success in building my email list to well over 500 people in just a few months is comprised of nothing more than article marketing and social media. People who discount the value of Twitter as an authentic Internet marketing strategy are probably not doing it correctly.

In this article, I reveal 5 Twitter strategies to authentically build your list, connect with prospects, and ultimately get new clients.

  1. Have a plan. Most people jump into Twitter and think the quickest and most effective way to market is by following a bunch of random people and send out a series pre-canned tweets hoping their message will convince someone to opt-in or buy. I like to call it the “spray and pray” method using Twitter. After a few weeks when they hardly anyone clicks their tweets and nobody opted-in, they discount Twitter by saying this doesn’t work. You must have a strategy and a plan in place for Twitter. Think about who you want to follow and why. Ideas: Prospects? Potential leads? Clients? JV partners? Don’t follow people purely with the intent to get followed back. One of the best ways to find people in your niche is to simply use and type in some keywords or phrases for your market and see who’s talking about it on Twitter. Follow with the intent to engage them. Once a plan is in place and you’re strategically following the right people for the right reasons, have an end goal in sight. One of the best goals is to ultimately drive your Twitter followers back to your site or blog where they can access more of what you have offer by joining your list!
  2. Twitter is a conversation. Twitter is the like the modern day networking group, but online. You need to engage with people on Twitter the same you would engage with people at a networking event. You show up, you contribute to the conversation by engaging your audience and provide good content and add value. Remember the lifetime of a tweet is often just seconds. The conversation is always happening whether you’re in it or not. So, show up and participate in the conversation! So, you need to do the work on Twitter. Expecting Twitter to be the magic bullet for building your list or getting clients is like showing up at networking event and leaving all your business cards around the room and then going back home – hoping for a prospect to ask you if they can work with you. Where is the engagement in that relationship? If you’re using a Twitter system to blast 10 tweets a day with nothing but your own promotional stuff, I say shame on you. Yes, systems are good (but in moderation.) Yes, you can promote your stuff (but in addition to other high value content you provide. It’s got to be more about them then you.
  3. Implement tools and systems. I’m a huge fan of combining automation and your own efforts so that marketing on Twitter works for you. This is where you might want to think about hiring a social media VA. Not for the purposes of doing your tweets for you, but to assist in the setup and some of the automation in using Twitter. It cannot be outsourced 100%. But, hiring someone to help setup Twitter so are following the right people, responding to DM messages in a timely manner, and most importantly, setting up the automation aspect of feeding select tweets to other social media outlets like Facebook. You can auto-post your blog articles to Twitter (and Facebook) as well as auto-post photos (say from your iPhone) to both Twitter and Facewbook. Yes, you could take time to try and figure all this out and set it up but there are people out there that are highly skilled and willing to do this setup work for you. It will take a fraction of the time. Be sure to use services like Tweetdeck and to assist you in multi-tasking your Twitter and social media efforts. Then you can focus on the most important aspects of Twitter marketing (i.e. see points #1 and #2 above).
  4. Measure your ROI. I’m a huge fan of making sure whatever it is you do to market your business you measure the results and ensure it’s actually providing value for your business. A lot of people spend hours a day on Twitter and get no leads and no sales. In my book, that’s a surefire way to go out of business pretty soon. I like to measure ROI by using “hard” analytics and “soft” analytics. Hard analytics are using tools like as a URL shortener so you can track the number of clicks on the links included in your tweets. It’s like measuring the click-through-rate of your emails. Are you sending tweets but nobody is clicking on them? You need to change and improve what you’re sending. Again, a social media VA can help set this up and measure the ROI for your Twitter efforts. Soft analytics does not use numbers or stats, but the feedback and comments you get from people you connect with through Twitter. I love to hear when people say “I love following you on Twitter because you put out such good content!” You can’t put a number on that to measure the return on investment. My favorite? Hearing from clients who work with us that tell us they found us through Twitter. How cool is that? A 5-figure coaching client originated from Twitter and not from any other lead source. In my book, Twitter pays off BIG time.
  5. You can expect to get clients FROM Twitter, not ON Twitter. Twitter is a relationship-marketing tool. You can’t just provide content and value on Twitter and expect them to immediately want to work with you. It often will take time to build the know-like-trust factor in the same way it takes time with the articles and emails you’re providing. This is how relationship-marketing works! You need to first establish that connection with your prospects by providing value and then over time establish goodwill by serving them above and beyond what they’re expecting. People want to feel a sense of connection these days as we’re constantly trying to be high-touch in a high-tech world. Eventually, those prospects will perhaps read more of your articles or perhaps join your list by ordering your irresistible free offer. From there, you can give more content and value so they will want to work with you.

So, get out there and tweet your way to new clients! You can connect with me on Twitter at

Until Next Time… Learn It, Love It, Live It!

Your Assignment:

Are you using a “spray and pray” approach to connecting with followers on Twitter? If so, we’ve got to change that. Spend some time to see who you’re following – and why. Who else could you connect with perhaps outside of your current list? JV’s? Prospects? Competitors? How are you sourcing your content for your tweets? I like people to use a 5 minute three times a day rule where they spend 5 minutes each time to provide content and connect with people on Twitter. Where are you not engaging with people and spend the time to be more pro-active and see results!

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