Beep! Beep! Where Does Your Traffic Come From?

It’s been a crazy and amazing week in Miami for the Client Attraction Mindset Retreat and then in Toronto for a Strategic Coach session with our mentor, Dan Sullivan. I wanted to get this out on Thursday but all night travel from Toronto and crazy storms in NYC prevented me from helping you with your authentic internet marketing! So, here’s a tip I wanted to share about a fundamental principle for authentic list building that will help you generate more traffic to your website and improve your lead generation.

Traffic is the ‘big kahuna’ for list building. Without traffic, you don’t have leads. And without leads, you won’t have prospects which turn into clients or customers which means – well – you get the point. No business. Traffic is the heart and soul of your business. Knowing that traffic is the cornerstone of list building and without a list you can’t function your business online is essential. Now, listen to my words:

“What you track, grows…”

Meaning, if you track, and I mean consistently and systematically track your lead generation and traffic numbers, they will grow.

You need to track everything. The source of the traffic (online vs. offline; social media vs. blog posts, etc.). Knowing “where” your traffic is coming from is one of the biggest advantages for successful entrepreneurs doing business online. Without knowing the source of your traffic, there is no starting point or reference as to where your leads come from. You don’t know what sources you should concentrate on and prioritize more so than others.

If you’re just starting out online (like I am with my site), find out where every lead came from. Who are they? What site or link did they click on to come to you? Knowing this information is key. Study their names and see if you know them personally or are they new. If they’re new – where did they come from? That source is a good indicator to you where to focus some of your lead generation strategies.

You can use numerous sites and tracking tools like Google Analytics, or to help you track and study your sources and numbers for traffic generation.

Here’s a quick little assignment to help you along the way and get you thinking more about the “where” of your traffic.

– What are your existing traffic sources?
– Where did your current leads originate?
– Where are new leads coming from?
– Map out your existing traffic sources. What are you missing or not currently doing?
– Setup some online tools to help you systematize your tracking of traffic like Google Analytics. For a brief tutorial to help, click here.

Until next time… Learn It, Love It, Live It!

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