Success Stories

Meredith Hill

Cari Vollmer

kate kingston “I started with Derek in 2009 and he has helped me build my company multiple times over. Derek adds so much with his knowledge and expertise of Internet marketing and this has created BIG additional revenue and ideas for my company. His knowledge on how to leverage the power of the Internet using authentic online marketing strategies that work allows me to serve my clients and get my message out there in a massive way. As a result of this coaching and mentorship, Derek has helped me have several $100,000 months of consistent revenue. His expertise and sharing around marketing and automation has helped us tremendously to reach more prospects and allow me to spend more time in my unique brilliance of closing high-end clients into more business. I continue to be amazed at how much Derek knows and is willing to share. My interaction with Derek results in more money for my company – every time!”

Kate Kingston
Kingston Training Group

“Derek Fredrickson is a gem in the online world. Not only does he know a lot about internet marketing strategies, but he knows how to talk to women. Seriously. This is a magic combination. He is a “guy’s-guy” in what has typically been a man’s online world and he has the secret code to decipher the intricacies of the internet and break them down into doable, understandable steps (and he is always willing to explain it “one more time” when needed!) My work with Derek has allowed me to increase my passive income by 40% in less than 90 days. This is HUGE – allowing me to reach more people with my purpose, make more money and all while working less AND we’ve only just begun! I’m really excited for all that is still to come and I wouldn’t want anyone else to be my co-pilot. Thank you, Derek!”

Heather Dominick

“Derek Fredrickson ROCKS! He is able to brilliantly decode complicated marketing strategies and sequences and then translate it in a way that anyone on any level can understand. We came to Derek with a thriving 7-Figure business looking for someone who would be able to understand our business, and our customers and then create the perfect formula for supporting our clients and attracting the kind of qualified leads that we desired. With in minutes of working with Derek he opened our eyes to THOUSANDS of dollars we were leaving behind by not having a marketing sequence that made sense and flowed. He didn’t give us a bunch of marketing mumbo jumbo that leaves you feeling like you need a PH.D to decipher. He was able to easily and clearly lay out specific marketing strategies, which were simple to apply to our current structure, and we’ve watched it pay dividends in return! ”

Melonie Orr & Suzanne Evans

“When it comes to “authentic” list building strategies, I haven’t found anyone who gets it better than Derek. Through this course and my private coaching with Derek, I learned dozens of strategies to build my list and, as a result, my list has increased by more than 45% in less than four months!”

Cari Vollmer

“I thought I knew a lot about list building, but when I saw that Derek had put this information together, I knew I was about to get some new teachings and insight to help grow my business even further. If Derek does it, it’s going to be great. There’s absolutely nobody else like him on the market anywhere else.”

Diane Conklin

The great thing about Derek is he provides a VERY specific, step-by-step guide that was so easy for me to follow along, implement and take action without getting overwhelmed. As a result, my list has grown over 50% in just a few weeks. Derek shares EVERYTHING and leaves nothing out.”

Dawn Allen

“Derek shares so much high-value and high-content information in a style that is easy to implement. Because of Derek’s expertise, I can now help even more entrepreneurs.

Darnyelle A. Jervey

“With Derek I received step-by-step detailed information on how to quickly and authentically build my list in a congruent, respectful way. It made taking action easy so I could see results quickly.”

Laura JJ Dessauer

“Derek provided on point instruction and guidance on how to build an authentic list with lasting long-term relationships. As a result I have a steady stream of new clients and am able to authentically serve them all. Derek provides extremely valuable content and wants to see you be successful. I know that my business will continue to grow with continued guidance from Derek.”

Donna Vail

“Once I implemented Derek’s super-easy process, I experienced immediate results. Derek helped me get crystal-clear on creating a list-building strategy, developing a compelling offer, and designing a squeeze page that really works.”

Laura Cross,

“Derek provides his expertise in simple, exact and detailed steps, where nothing is left out, and materials that match every learning style. And, he keeps it simple, comfortable and doable so you can actually be successful.”

Nancy Rizzo

“Derek provided a clear sequence of teaching modules related to everything I needed to know about List Building but was afraid to ask! He offers an incredible way of giving you the big picture, breaking that down into smaller “chunks” so you can see the inter-relationship of each module, and giving you assignments that integrate the teachings. The best part of the assignments is that they are actionable items that make a difference in your business right away…in the moment you do them! Not only have I doubled my list, I have had more direct contact with people who are interested in my services. As well, with the clear map of list building in front of me, I have come up with 2 new strategies for reaching my clients. This has served me enormously as previous clients transition with me to my new format of business, I have not lost one customer! No attrition!”

Ellie Ballentine

“From Derek I received so much high-value, high content that taught me how to leverage the power of social media and the Internet for building my list. The information that Derek shares is well thought out and well presented and is NOT a bunch of mumbo-jumbo Internet speak, like so many other so-called consultants. I figured if it worked for him, which you can plainly see it did, it would work for my firm as well.”

Erica Kalkofen