Squeeze It Out Of Them… Authentically

I love squeeze pages. They are essential for authentic list building and an invaluable strategy for authentic internet marketing. I’m going to reveal the 5 most critical elements of a squeeze page. I’m also going to give you my exact script to use for either a video or audio squeeze page so you can convert more traffic into highly qualified subscribers and dramatically build your list, authentically.

First – some basics. You might be wondering – what exactly is a squeeze page? Perhaps you’ve heard of squeeze pages but think they seem yucky and not very authentic. It’s not ‘yucky’. In fact, it makes total sense when you value what you are offering and value the time of your prospect. In essence, they are essential for list building.

Now, the definition of a squeeze page: You are literally ‘squeezing’ their contact information from them before they can access your content. In order for a visitor to enter your website and access the information you have to offer – they need to usually enter in their name and email information. Your content in this case is typically your IFO – or ‘Irresistible Free Offer’ such as your video, audio (CD or MP3), e-book/e-course, etc. There are no other options on a squeeze page. You either opt-in with your contact information or you click away. That is known as a ‘hard’ squeeze page. A ‘soft’ squeeze page will allow the visitor to bypass the squeeze process and enter your website without entering their contact information. Check out www.clientattraction.com as an example of a soft squeeze.

In my opinion, people are either not doing it at all or it’s not being done correctly. And, because of that it seems very inauthentic to many people and so they are not using it in their own website or list building strategy.

Let me break down the 5 essential ingredients of a squeeze page script. The script is used to welcome and explain to the visitor to the site what to do when they arrive at your squeeze page. This script works best when using either video or audio.

1. Who – Explain ‘who’ you are such as your name and/or tagline

2. What – Identify ‘what’ you offer or what you provide (this is your IFO)

3. Why – Answer the question ‘Why do they need it?’ This is KEY. You need to identify a pain point or struggle they have and pinpoint exactly what they are looking for and why they need it

4. How – Explain ‘how’ they get it. Spell out the process of how they actually get your IFO. It’s important to make it as simple and straight forward as possible. Don’t over complicate the process

5. When – Tell them ‘when’ they will get IFO. Is it immediate (next web page, in an email, etc.) or delayed (5 days because it’s physically shipped)

Here is my script, revealed:

WHO: Hi, my name is Derek Fredrickson – your Authentic Internet Marketing Specialist – and I’m here to show you how to use authentic and practical online marketing techniques to help you attract more leads, convert more sales and make more money.

WHAT: In fact, I’d like to reveal to you now the one thing you need to know when it comes to AUTHENTICALLY marketing your business online.

WHY: This one SECRET is the difference between marketing online authentically with RESULTS, or doing the same as you’ve done before with no change.

HOW: Just enter your name and email on the boxes on this page and

WHEN: I’ll share with you right away on the next page in another video the one SECRET you need to know – I’ll see you then – so enter your information right away

That’s it! Short, simple, sweet – and to the point. When you follow this model it allows you to easily present your IFO to your prospect in an authentic manner so they can efficiently decide whether they opt-in or not. And, using this model will in fact build your list as opposed to more traditional models where you merely put all your content online without presenting the visitor an opportunity to decide on whether they want your IFO or not before proceeding.

Feel free to model this and use it for your own business. If you follow these steps and keep these important ideas in mind – your list will surely to start to grow!

Until then… Learn it, Love it, Live it!

Derek Fredrickson

Your Assignment:
Develop your own script for your new squeeze page and follow the script I provided. Be sure to cover each of the 5 main ingredients (Who, What, Why, How, When) and keep it super simple and to the point. You can either use audio or video – just don’t over-complicate the process for them. If you like – I’ll even review your new squeeze page and give you my thoughts to ensure it’s exactly what you need.
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Want to use this article on your website or your own ezine? No problem! But here is what you MUST include:

Derek Fredrickson, Authentic Internet Marketing Specialist, is founder of the Authentic Internet Marketing System, the proven step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to authentically market your business online, in record time…guaranteed. To get your F.R.E.E. videos and receive his authentic internet marketing articles on attracting more leads and converting more sales online to multiply your current revenues, visit www.derekfredrickson.com.

20 thoughts on “Squeeze It Out Of Them… Authentically”

  1. Great formula! Instead of two cents, I have two suggestions.

    It might be more effective if you GIVE some valuable information away without the squeeze – because that gives authenticity to who you say you are, and speaks to the AMAZING value that people will get for just a little squeeze.

    My second point is related to my first. Constant squeezing gets tiresome. From a consumer, visitor, (squeezee), squeezing is much easier to tolerate if you aren’t squeezed every time on every website, for everything.

    1. Hi John,
      Yes – you can give them some content first before asking for their opt-in. This is known as a reverse squeeze and works particularly well with video where you provide a high content video first, and then ask them to opt-in for additional content or your IFO.
      And, squeeze pages make sense in the most appropriate areas of your site. Landing pages, home page, etc. You don’t want to abuse it else people will get overwhelmed!

  2. This post is so helpful. And even if some people are turned off by getting squeezed, it is certainly a highly effective way to build your community of very interested prospects. Thank you, Derek!

  3. Derek,
    Great seeing your new site. Love the layout.
    I have followed your model and it works. The camera is not forgiving, so be relaxed, authentic and watch your list grow.

    1. Thanks, Loren. Glad you can model from my site and hope it’ll help for you as well. See you next for our Mastermind meeting!

    1. You’re so welcome, Wendy. Hopefully my definition of a squeeze page above helped. Capture pages (otherwise known as landing pages) are more designed to capture the visitor’s information – but often times are not used with your main website. Think of an opt-in page for a teleseminar for example. Here’s an example: http://www.clientattraction.com/listcall.html

  4. great post derek! simple and to the point 🙂 i def want to create a squeeze page for both for a few things that i am working on for PO and RR… adding to my to-do list 😉

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