Recycle Your Tweets for Massive Exposure

I get this question all the time from my friends and followers on Twitter. “How are you so active on Twitter and how do you find the time to generate all this GREAT content with your tweets?” It’s quite simple, really.

I’m a huge fan (obviously) of blogging and Twitter. The power of the two together is immeasurable. But, what most people overlook is the ‘recycle’ factor of your blog posts and your tweets. Here’s what I mean:

Most people write an article and post it to their blog. They might tweet about it once or twice and then move on from there. After a few days their focus is onto the next article and the next series of tweets for that article and so on and so on. The cycle repeats.

Now, this is great from a content perspective because you’re creating more and more high content articles on your blog for generating traffic, building your list, etc.

But, remember that Twitter is a conversation. Upwards of 90% of your followers may not be “in the conversation” taking place on Twitter during those one or two days when you’re mentioning your most recent blog post or article. Thus, they don’t know about it!

So, why not recycle those tweets and refer back to them again in the future to further supplement the exposure the articles get?

I do this all the time and constantly drive new traffic back to my articles that I wasn’t generating when I originally created the article. Recycling your tweets about previous articles and blog posts you’ve created is a powerful way to consistently build the exposure for your content. It doesn’t mean if I re-engage my followers again later about the same article I’m over promoting my article – I’m just sharing again the high content blog post I wrote previously.

The simplest way to do this is to use Twitter favorites. I generate my blog post and then will tweet about it in 3-4 different ways using different words and copy in my tweet. I will mark each of those tweets as a “favorite” in my Twitter account. Then, over the next several weeks and months I will refer back to my list of Twitter favorites (which has been growing steadily now with all of the tweets I’m adding as favorites) and then “retweet” them in different ways. Now, I don’t just retweet the exact same tweet. I mix it up by changing the wording or copy in the tweet so it has a similar message – but perhaps a different angle than the original tweet.

The objective is the same – drive that traffic back to my article on my blog. If you’re writing really good and high content articles – and you’re referring people to them using Twitter, recycle those tweets in different ways to re-engage your Twitter followers and continually build exposure for your articles.

I will also setup Google Alerts for my name and anytime my articles are picked up on other websites or article marketing sites, I will use that web link in my tweets. That way I’m adding different high-traffic websites that I’m tweeting about to generate even more followers and friends to my content.

It’s an amazing powerful strategy to build exposure for your articles AND generate great content and interest from your Twitter followers. Try it…

Until next time… Learn It, Love It, Live It!

Your Assignment:
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8 thoughts on “Recycle Your Tweets for Massive Exposure”

  1. I do something similar and drive traffic back to old artices but am considering installing a tool like tweet old post – guess it’s weighing up the personal vs the automated… usualy story with twitter!

    Thanks for raising though Derek, good to think about this


    1. yep there’s a lot of it about – i was thinking of using that one but i like to mix it up a bit with the words i put around my articles. twitter is definitely becoming a more automated environment that’s for sure 😉

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