No Second Chance To Make A First Impression

You’ve heard the phrase before: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Have you ever heard the phrase in the context of authentic internet marketing or building your list? Probably not – and let me explain why. Most people teach you about adding people to your list and then stop there. They don’t teach you that following up with new leads is one of the BEST ways to build your list. Why? Simply because it immediately establishes the relationship and begins the essential bond between you and your newly added prospect. ‘Follow Up’ is THATimportant when it comes to authentic list building.

reveal some of my best strategies in starting the relationship with your newly added prospect – so you make a great first impression.

After someone joins your list, the follow up process is their “first” real experience with you. You don’t want to bombard them with emails promoting your product or asking them to buy. It’s all about a balance of content and promotion and knowing the timing of when to provide both. Just remember this – put yourself in their shoes and how would you want to be treated if you just joined YOUR list?

What is the first impression they have? Most people overlook this and don’t consider it. Here are some questions to answer and address in your follow up process after someone joins your list:

  • What do they see first?
  • When do they see it?
  • What actionable step should they take next?
  • What are you expecting them to get as a result?
  • Did you build in a specific call to action from your IFO?

You want to build the retention process by giving them an action to take. If your IFO is of high value and high content – you want to do as much as you can so the prospect will actually consume it. That way, they will get a result and begin to see the value that you offer them. From there, they will come back for more AND you’ve made a fantastic first impression.

It’s critical right after they opt-in that you continue the “call to action” by giving them a specific step to take after the opt-in. Immediate consumption of your IFO is key such as:

Download the free audio now by clicking here”
Go to your email box now to read your free report”
“Look for email from me to confirm your subscription

After they opt-in for your IFO, this is where it matters most to make that first impression. Here are the best ways to ensure you make that great first impression.

  1. Give them the IFO as soon as possible (by providing it directly on the thank you page or sending it via email.)
  2. Congratulate or thank them for choosing your IFO (remember, it’s a transaction and a simple thank you goes a long way)
  3. Check in about the IFO (did they read/watch/listen to it?)
  4. Ask them about their result with the IFO (what result did they get? did they like it?)
  5. Answer the question for them – “What’s next?”

Follow these simple steps and model this as part of your follow up strategy for new people when they join your list. The follow up process is the best and most effective way to make a great first impression and build what will sure to be a fulfilling and long lasting relationship (hint:more clients and more income for you!)

Until then… Learn It, Love It, Live It!

Derek Fredrickson

Your Assignment:

Map out your follow up steps that are currently in place for new leads when they are added to your list? What auto-responders are sent and when? How is your IFO delivered and where? When is it delivered? Identify what is missing and what can you add to fill in the gaps and add value for your new leads? Focus on the consumption of the IFO – that is the most important action a new lead should take so they can realize a result and get value from what you provided to them.

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