Introduction to Multiplying Your Message and Building an Email Subscriber List…

In this video, you will discover the following:

  • That to reach more ideal clients with your message, you have to multiply your reach.
  • You need a big platform – the vehicle – to share your message.
  • The most valuable and lucrative component of your platform is your email subscriber list.
  • It’s about the quality of the list, not just the quantity.
  • The tipping point in email list building for massive results and sales…
  • It’s not all about the sale… it’s about building a valuable and enjoyable relationship with each and every email subscriber.

This video is a sneak-peek into thirteen cutting-edge email list building strategies I will share as part of my 3-day live event happening this August – the Internet Marketing Intensive.

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2 thoughts on “Introduction to Multiplying Your Message and Building an Email Subscriber List…”

  1. Hi, tried to sign up for the videos but it says i’m already subscribed. I’m guessing this is the same series that i received before but i seem to have lost it! Any chance i can get it again? Many thanks 🙂

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