Get Clients With A “Wow” IFO

Most people think the most important starting point for converting prospects into clients is their website. They think if I just have a really snazzy looking and content rich website – that will bring the clients. Or, they think it’s all about the fantastic product or service they’re offering. But, here’s the rub. You may have an amazing website and a super product, but if you haven’t ‘WOWED’ them yet with your irresistible free offer – it’s all an uphill battle to get them as a client.

Yes, the IFO is the ‘hook’ to get your prospects to join your list – but you gotta over deliver BIG TIME. Even though your IFO is “free” – it says so much about what you have to offer for your paid products or services. Think of it this way – the IFO is the first experience your prospect has with you. You want to really give them super content and high value. You may have heard the expression from renowned Internet Marketer Eben Pagan about “pushing the free line.” The idea is this – give some of your best stuff away for free to get people to join your list and then over time – they will say to themselves:

“If the free stuff is this good – imagine what the paid stuff will be like!”

If you’ve not delivered 100% of your best content – your prospect may not get the result you’ve intended them to receive by consuming your IFO – and to them there was not a ‘big value add’ to what you’ve provided. Now what? In a way you’ve lost a big chance to spark their interest even more and as a result it’s much harder to get back them to see what’s next. Leads are most ripe when they’ve just opted-in. I like the expression they are “hot to trot” to consume and digest your IFO right away – so why not give them the good stuff right away for them to want even more?

Now, you might be wondering – what format do I use to make my IFO the best high content offer I can provide? Well, below I break down some of the most commonly used IFO’s out there and some of the pros and cons of each. I also share what I believe is the best IFO out there – and you might be surprised.

No IFO (i.e. Join my Newsletter!)

I mean really, why bother?

Free report/e-Book

Easy to produce and provide. It’s digital so no physical cost for production or shipment. But, it doesn’t carry a lot of ‘WOW’ factor since it’s so commonly used online. You really want to ensure you can ‘snaz’ it up to include images and graphics so it will ‘pop’ and people will want to read it.

Audio download

In my personal opinion, more people would prefer to listen than read. The drawback though is people love to multitask and listen to something while doing 5 other things at once. Result? You don’t get the attention from someone listening to your free audio download as opposed to reading your free report. But, people do love the convenience of instant download and playing on iPhone, computer, etc. And, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your personality and some emotion when you’re providing an audio IFO.


I love video IFO’s because they are short and sweet. And, if you can really pack a wallop piece of content in the video – I say go for it. But, you need to have an excellent-looking video. Using your son or daughters cell phone flip for shooting your IFO video doesn’t cut it. The quality has to be rocking. And, like the audio – you have an amazing opportunity to establish a connection with your viewer that you can’t just get by text or audio. But, video is intimidating still for a lot of people – especially when it comes to providing some of your best content. There is the option of the DVD – but in my opinion, the production and shipment costs associated with it outweigh the benefits.


This is a relatively new one and one of my favorites. A “kit” usually consists of a number of other IFO’s packaged together. Like – a video, e-book and worksheet. Or, an audio download along with a PDF handout and checklist. It just adds more bang and value and people respond more favorably to “kit” or even “manifesto” than just those items separated out and presented individually.

Audio CD

It’s my personal favorite. Why? Audio is still the best format out there in my opinion because it has the widest mass appeal for usage. You can play it on the computer, stereo at home, car, iPod, phone, etc. People can always find a way to listen to it. And, the physical CD carries so much “oomph” factor and stands out from the rest. Example – started using the free CD few years back and we’ve practically tripled the list each and every year as a result. It just works! Even more so than a DVD – I believe audio CD has the highest perceived value. And, you can collect physical mailing addresses for the people on your list for direct mail purposes by requesting their shipping address to send them the CD!

Now – these ideas don’t apply to all markets. The IFO that works best in one market or niche may not work best in others. For example, free IFO videos work really well in the Internet Marketing space – where Audio CD IFO works great for small business building and Client Attraction. I suggest doing some research and see what’s out there before you choose. And, here’s a trick in choosing which one is best for your market. What would you respond to most? You are most likely your ideal client / prospect – so what works for you? You’re a good case test for your own clients’ opinion and preferences.

Until Next Time… Learn It, Love It, Live It!

Your Assignment:

Consider your IFO that you have in place now to build your list. Does it really WOW them? If it’s an eBook or simple audio download, consider combining them and making it more of a “kit” which will help with conversion. Take the time to do the research and see what other IFO’s are really converting well in your niche and consider either doing the same or taking it one step more to really impress your prospects. Also, does the IFO you currently have in place contain some of your best content? Consider adding some of your best tips or information to really help your newly added leads and they will quickly become clients.

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12 thoughts on “Get Clients With A “Wow” IFO”

  1. Thanks Derek,

    Right now I’m using a video along with a pdf checklist. I’m moving towards putting together a kit, for the reason everyone learns differently and the perceived value might be higher if you include a multimedia experience. (I also need to redo my video to make it more professional looking.)

    I like the idea of mailing a physical product only for the fact that you’ll be able to capture the person’s mailing address thereby opening up another marketing channel with which to reach them.

    ~ Jenn

    1. Great ideas, Jenn. The video would be a big component for a starter kit type IFO – and add that in with a physical product as well is really one of the best ways to not only build your list – but provide a ton of value as well. Good luck!

    1. Thanks, Meredith – glad you liked it. I feel the IFO is really one of the most important elements out there for people building their list – enjoy!

  2. Hi Derek,
    Thanks for the tips but what would you suggest for an IFO for my cleaning service? Right now I am strickly advertising on my site a 25% discount on the first appointment and and cleaning tips on green cleaning vs using standard cleaning supplies.

    Nancy Oblea

    1. Hi Nancy,

      Personally I’m not a big fan of discounting your services as an IFO because of what it says about your value. Your prices s/b your prices for working with you and not discounted to get someone on your list. Think about perhaps a special report / ebook to start and make it contain some of your best content and tips to get them interested for more!


  3. Great article, thanks! And I agree with the Audio CD being a great medium for an IFO. I’m a little intimidated by the idea of cover design. Can you suggest any low-cost resources for cover design? I am pretty techy and can produce a quality audio file, but need some help in the graphic design dept.

    Also, what do you think about offering an eBook version of the CD content along with, say, an iTunes link to the CD-content download? That way, one gets the physical address, can send along the eBook via e-mail and also gives them a way to get the content onto their iPod/Phone quickly and easily.

    Off to sign up for _your_ IFO . . . 😉

    1. Hey Matt – Check out or I’ve used both for graphic design. And by all means I’d include an immediate audio download or e-book along with the CD to help consumption of the IFO from the user…

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