Email List Building – Irresistible Free Offer

In this video, you will discover the following:

  • The most important element of your website homepage to build your email list
  • How to create an offer that has your prospects “Yes, that’s exactly what I need, how can I get it?!”
  • The “secret sauce” to to crazy optin conversion – “content, relationship, value.”
  • What NOT to provide your prospects that drives them away
  • How to create an ethical bribe to get more leads
  • How to get visitors to stay on your website for more than 2.9 seconds
  • Dozens of examples of free offers that convert more leads
  • The most compelling free offer that converts more than anything else
  • How to get your leads to actually consume your content without giving it away for free
  • The #1 secret to increase conversion by 15% that literally takes seconds to implement
  • 14 places to position your IFO so you increase your email list 24/7
  • A secret to increase conversion by another 20% (and you can do it on your phone)
  • My exact video script for your homepage optin video

This video is a sneak-peek into thirteen cutting-edge email list building strategies I will share as part of my 3-day live event happening this August – the Internet Marketing Intensive.

Registration is close to 70% full – register here ->

4 thoughts on “Email List Building – Irresistible Free Offer”

  1. Thank you so much for all the email, video and coaching you
    give to us. Love you guys. Also saw you in person and purchase
    the first set.

  2. Thank you Derek for the great information – you guys are so AWESOME!! 🙂 I have been offering 20% OFF a customers first purchase, but it is not converting at all – and I realize it’s not really an IFO. Part of the problem is the traffic is not very high, but of all the traffic I have been getting, I expected more opt-ins. Do you or anyone have any ideas about an IFO that people might want from a Jewelry Website (and we also offer 10 day guided vacation tours on the same site, which might not be a good idea)?
    And is video appropriate for a jewelry website?
    Any insight would be appreciated so much. Thank you!! 🙂

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