Strike Them While The Iron Is Hot

Strike is a little bit of a harsh word for the concept I describe here but I think the phrase, “strike them while the iron is hot” applies most definitely. The word is not overly “authentic” – but the topic is extremely authentic and important in developing an amazing “first-impression” with your newly added leads.

The concept is this: Too many marketers (and I mean WAY too many marketers) don’t bother with the immediate follow up when a new lead joins their list. In so many ways and on so many levels they just miss the boat completely. How do I know? I see it way too often.

I subscribe to hundreds (yes, hundreds) of email lists. Only about 10% I open and read regularly. Why? Most likely those are the ones where I was immediately identified and treated not as a number – but as a brand new person as part of their community. I was treated extraordinarily well vs. any other “list” I was part of. In essence, the marketer (list owner) responded to me immediately while I “just opted in” at a time when I was most interested, engaged, curious and motivated to respond to their emails and offers. Needless to say, I was HOT! 🙂

Basically – they spoke to me while I was hot. Hot meaning – just after opt in.

So, I’ll help you out. Here are some of the biggest no-nos when it comes to responding to new leads to your list. If you’re doing any (or worse, all) of these – you’re missing MASSIVE opportunities in build a long-term relationship with your prospect so they’re likely to buy from you or work with you.

  • Not emailing immediately when they opt-in. And I mean the SECOND they opt-in. Not next day or worse – NO acknowledgement at all. A cookie-cutter double opt-in request from your email marketing system doesn’t count
  • Not thanking them for joining. You can’t email them immediately about whatever it is about YOU. It has to be about them and genuinely thanking them first and foremost goes a long way
  • Not giving them the IFO. If you offer an ethical bribe like a free report or audio MP3 – give it to them immediately and make it easy for them. Don’t wait until the next day or have them click multiple links to get what they actually wanted in the first place
  • Not emailing them the day after. And, I don’t mean just emailing them your regular stuff (i.e. ezine) like anyone else on your list. They are different. Yes, they are special. They just joined – acknowledge that in a next day follow up and engage them that way

It’s like dating: the act of someone joining your list is like they give you a kiss on the cheek after a first date. They’re interested. They’re thinking, “We’re dating now. Show me what you’ve got and I’ll think about giving more.”

You want to treat them differently than anyone else and they’ll respond. Better yet, remind them why they were originally interested and SHOW them what you can do for them and they’ll respond. Better yet, make them feel special and talk to them! ‘Talk to them’ actually means email them! Too many marketers are afraid of emailing newly added leads in fear of they will opt-out. Wrong! If you email them using the ideas I mention above they will respond and respect you even more. Again, strike them while the iron is hot.

What happens if you DON’T do this?

The worse happens. Which brings me back to the 90% of email lists I belong to… Your emails are auto-achived, rules and folders are created – and your emails go into a folder that people will get around to reading… LATER. And, later means NEVER! This is otherwise known as the “black hole” of email where you DON’T want to end up. So, treat your new leads well while they’re hot and you’ll ensure more email opens, more engagement and higher conversion in sales in the future.

Until Next Time… Learn It, Love It, Live It!

Slice and Dice Your List for Better Results

There is no disputing the power of email marketing. The ability to write an email, click the “Send” button and communicate to the “’masses” on your list is powerful. Is it almost TOO powerful? Well, if you’re not segmenting your list effectively – you’re marketing to the masses. Not enough marketers take advantage of email segmentation. Email segmentation is the ability to slice and dice your subscriber list into smaller sub-lists based on different categories, actions or other characteristics.

When you segment your list, you can use the data that you have about the different subscribers in your list to create smaller, more targeted sub-groups. Using the power of list segmentation – you can send more targeted, relevant emails to those smaller groups triggering a higher response and increase your results.

The simplest example is segmenting your list between prospects and customers. Think about it. Even though some information in your emails is appropriate for both audiences, there is definitely content that will serve one group more than the other. Your subscribers will enjoy the emails that you send them more, if the content is relevant and timely to their specific needs.

Now before you start thinking this is going to be technically hard or tricky – it’s actually pretty straightforward when you look at it from the perspective of HOW you want to segment your list. Don’t worry about the technical “setup” – just focus on the most relevant and meaningful sub-lists that you require. Most email marketing systems and their support staff can easily help to set it all up for you. Email marketing systems like Aweber, 1ShoppingCart and Infusionsoft support this (some more so than others.)

Is it worth it? Totally…

Some email marketing studies have shown that upwards of 40% of people have higher open rates when they segment their email lists. 28% showed lower unsubscribe rates and 24% have experienced bigger revenues. It seems to me that it’s worth some effort to see if you can segment your list to improve your results.

Start off by doing simple list segmentation (like I described above) with prospects vs. clients and then move onto further segmentation (i.e. different sub-lists for different types of clients.) You can also segment by some of the basic information like demographics and geographic information if you have that available in your database.

Also, be sure you take the time to actually STUDY the results of your list segmenting efforts. If you aren’t testing or tracking the effectiveness of your emails in terms of open rates and click-through rates – then it’s not worth the effort.

Chances are your overall email marketing effectiveness (and revenues) will improve and your subscribers will thank you for it.

Until next time… Learn It, Love It, Live It!

Your Assignment:
How can you segment your subscriber list? Spend some time seeing what information you have in your email marketing system that you can use to segment your “main” list into smaller “sub lists” and then develop (actually map out) email campaigns focused on those specific sub groups to get a higher response. Interested in finding out more about list segmentation and other authentic Internet marketing strategies to help grow your online business? The Authentic List Building Coaching program can show you exactly how you can authentically add up to 1,000 new qualified prospects to your business each month. People who really “get” your message and are eager and ready to become your client or buy your products. And, you could do this authentically, quickly and consistently, without being spammy or icky, but just by being you. How would that make a difference in your life? I created this one-of-a-kind program to personally walk you through the same secrets we used (and continue to use daily) to add over 1,000 highly targeted and qualified leads to our list each month for the last 12 months. To see the presentation I created for you about authentic list building principles [IMPORTANT VIDEO], go here.


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What Is The Real Value Of Your List?

People talk about list size all the time. The myth out there is the bigger list – the bigger the revenue. As we know, that’s really not the case. A smaller and more authentic list can yield massive revenues than a much larger and less responsive list. It all comes down to the value you provide to your list and in return the monetary value (in terms of sales) yielded back to you.

So, the question is: how best can I measure the value of my list?



That stands for Dollar Value Per Subscriber Per Month. And take it from me – it’s a magical number. It’s actually one of the most important benchmarks I personally use to track the responsiveness and monetization of a list.

Here’s how it works:

Take your revenues. This is total revenue (not income; don’t subtract expenses) for a given period. I like to track this by month but you can retroactively go back and track for an annual period (say for all of 2010) for EACH month.

Take your list size. This is total size of your list you send for email marketing. Again, it’s best to track this by month and you can easily search in your email marketing system by a date created field to get a total number of subscribers for a GIVEN month (say for each month of 2010).

Take your revenues and DIVIDE it by your list size. Example:

April 2011 Revenues $10,000.

April 2011 list size 2,500

= $4 Dollar Value Per Subscriber for April 2011

Now, what’s real interesting is looking at that benchmark over time for different months. If your list is growing in size – are your revenues growing accordingly? The idea is that as you grow your list – you grow your sales (more people on the list to buy). But, your marketing efforts and the responsiveness of your list to your offers needs to stay in line. Your list gets too stale (not growing the list) and revenues increase – the dollar value per subscriber diminishes. Your list grows really quickly (through JV’s or other list building strategies) and your revenues decrease – same result. However, if you increase your list AND increase your revenues steadily each and every month – LIST MONETIZATION NIRVANA.

The goal is this: always focus on having an increasing number month to month. That means in a nutshell your list size is increasing AND your revenues are increasing.

What’s a benchmark to start with? I’ve heard in the true Internet Marketing space that $1 DVPSPM is a good benchmark. Anything around the $10 mark is golden – so let’s shoot for that. Remember, the more authentic and “value creation” list you have – will yield a bigger payday.

Until Next Time… Learn It, Love It, Live It!