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Make More Money With A Responsive Email List

My most recent product launch taught me a lot about my list. And, as one of subscribers or readers, I thought I’d share what I learned so you can perhaps learn something as well for your online business. I share some important ideas and strategies about how to condition your email list to ‘respond’ to and ‘engage with’ your offers, so you can make more money as a result.

Not many marketers talk about the condition of your email list, but it’s an important concept to understand. The idea is to understand how ‘responsive’ your list is to your emails. One great indicator to the condition or responsive of your list is to measure your open rates. The higher the open rate – the more engaged and responsive your subscribers are to reading your emails and consuming your content. They are literally “conditioned” to engage and open and read your emails. They know-like-trust you and you’ve built a great connection and relationship with them where they want to read your emails – and will do so regularly. One would say this list is well conditioned to respond to you and your information.

But opening emails is not the only way to measure the condition of your list.

You actually have to present offers to your list and see what their appetite is to buy. Examples:

  • List A has 100,000 subscribers and many of them are conditioned to not buy because they are just sold too way too often and never receive any valuable content. The owner of List A makes very little money as a result.
  • List B has 10,000 subscribers and many of them would be conditioned to buy but they never do because the owner of List B is too hesitant to actually launch something and ask the subscribers to buy something. The owner of List B makes very little money as a result.
  • List C has 1,000 subscribers and many of them are conditioned to buy (and do) because the owner of List C is regularly putting out offers that are well balanced with the content and value he gives to the subscribers for free. The owner of List C makes good money as a result and his subscribers are happy.

Which list would you rather own? Notice it’s not all about list size…

To be clear, I’m not talking about asking your list to buy through endless emails about your offer all the time over and over again until they buy, delivering no content or value whatsoever. Nope. I’m talking about doing a launch and offering a genuine product or program to get subscribers to take action and buy. If you never ask, you’ll never know if they’re responsive to the offers you’d potentially put out there. Not too mention the missed revenue opportunities.

So many people are hesitant to email so often and scared people will opt-out and leave. Here’s the deal:

I just emailed my list 5 times in 4 days – all pretty much about buying a product (at a high $497 price) – and I had 2 people opt-out. That’s from almost 1,000 people. I actually had more new people opt-in this week than ever before. Why? My list is conditioned and expects to receive offers now and then (albeit infrequent) along with the excellent content and high-value information I give my subscribers. They’re fine with the balance and so me asking them to buy a few times here and there is OK – very few of them left. That’s my relationship with my list and that’s how my list is ‘conditioned.’

Giving valuable offers to your list about buying something (in moderation) will start to condition your list to allow and expect it. Over time they will be even more responsive to future offers when provided along with your excellent content and value you’re giving them.

Remember the notion of the 80/20 rule when it applies to your list? 20% of your list will respond 80% of the time – and they are the ones that will read and engage and respond to your emails most frequently. The other 80% pretty much do nothing all the time. If they opt-out, so be it. Move on and focus on the more engaged people on your list. They’re the ones that matter.

So, stay in touch with your list – don’t go dormant. Hang around and add value and ask your valued subscribers to buy something every now and then. I just did with my list – and made a nice 5-figures by sending 5 emails and shooting some funny video.

I don’t say this to brag – but to show pretty much anyone can do it.

Until next time… Learn It, Love It, Live It!

p.s. If you want to see the exact emails I used as part of my email campaign for my recent launch, click here. Take note: sending these emails to your list may not yield the same result. Tweak for your own purpose.

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Generate More Profits (and serve your clients) with an Authentic Upsell

According to the online site, the word “upsell” is defined as the following:

“To try to persuade a customer to buy a more expensive item or to buy a related additional product at a discount.”

But, I have a new term to consider: authentic upsell.

Sounds ironic, doesn’t it? Is there even such a thing? Yes!

When done from integrity and a place of authenticity when you value your prospect and even more so – value the products or services you provide.

We’re exposed to upsells all the time – and the idea used to gross me out. I made a decision to buy – and I’ve not even RECEIVED what I purchased – and yet you’re asking me to buy even more?! But, then I realized two things.

1. We live in a world of upsells. You go through an upsell process all the time the second you step into a grocery store or department store or sit down at your favorite restaurant. And think about how online shopping works – it’s upsell all over the place. And we respond to it! You just never noticed it… which leads me to the second realization I had about upsells.

2. When an upsell is done from a place of integrity and authenticity (authentic upsell) – it doesn’t “feel” like an upsell at all. It’s natural. It makes sense. You welcome the idea and are generally receptive to it because the offer doesn’t seem to be “inauthentic” or “incongruent.”

The idea is this. You know better then your buyer or client what they need (and want) most. It might be perhaps offering additional services or products on top of what they have already purchased. And, consider this. Once they’ve made the decision to buy – they are in a completely different mindset from BEFORE they bought. They are more receptive to additional or complimentary offers – but only if they are done out of integrity and authentically.

The catch is this – the upsell has to make sense. You don’t want to bundle in a product or service that is completely NOT related to what they just purchased. Be sensitive to their feelings and make sure they are starting off on the right foot. But, be open and real with them about offering something in addition to what they just purchased that will add even MORE value to what they’re about to receive.

So, how can you apply this to your business? Don’t worry – you don’t need a high-technical system or process in place to make it happen. And, even if you don’t sell your products or services online – you can implement a semi-manual system for now to further enhance the buying process (and your revenue!)

It can be as simple as displaying the upsell offer on the thank you page online AFTER they buy; or including it in the email auto-responder after they have made their purchase. Even if it’s not online – it could be as simple as emailing them afterwards inviting them to supplement what they’re about to receive.

The key is this – it’s gotta be real and not salesly. We all can pick up on that (including your new client or buyer.) So, be respectful and transparent about what you’re offering –and if it’s from a perspective of authenticity – you’ll not only do great things for the revenues of your business – but also for your clients.

Until Next Time… Learn It, Love It, Live It!

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Successful Product Launch Secrets

It’s a new year and if you’re like most other business owners – you’re planning out the year to launch your programs and/or products. Perhaps you have a new program you can’t wait to get out there – or a product that you’ve recently completed that you want to sell online to your list.

But, most people make the mistake of just popping it up on their website and hoping for the day when someone will buy. Not a great strategy. Don’t get me wrong – someone could buy – but it might take months before you make your first sale.

You’ve got to launch your product big-time to make more money and get more clients!

I’m in a Mastermind with Jeff Walker (creator of the Product Launch Formula), and we were chatting about product launches and what works these days when selling something online. Fabienne and I have also had some very successful product launches here at Client Attraction. So, I figured what better time to reveal some secrets for you to put into action immediately for your next product launch.

In this article I reveal 6 successful product launch strategies you can immediately use to bring in new income and convert prospects into clients.

Now, a product launch (or program) can be really anything you’re looking to sell online. Examples can be any of the following:

  • Bootcamp
  • Tele-class series
  • Event
  • Coaching program
  • Home study course
  • Etc…

Why a product launch? It’s better and more effective to sell something. The concept of a “launch” builds up momentum and creates frenzy towards what you’re offering. It’s easier than just putting your product on your site and hoping people will eventually come around and take it.

Here are my six strategies:

You’ve got to plan ahead. You can’t just haphazardly decide to launch something and have it all magically fall into place. You need to plan ahead across all levels. Your audience – are they ripe for it? Would they want it? Have you been offering too much or too little and where does this launch fit into the rest of your planned offerings? Your communication – the dates you plan for sending emails, launching your product on your website, dates for communication to JV partners to support your launch, etc. You need to select a “launch” date and then work backward from there to plan out all the various communications you require.

Without support – the launch won’t be a success. And, I mean support from ALL places. Joint ventures – ample support from JV partners or strategic alliances to help promote your launch will help build up momentum. Why? The more people who are aware of your launch will create even more anticipation. Affiliates – getting affiliates on board so they can plan ahead to notify their network of your launch and ensure it fits with their schedule. Team – can’t do it all alone. Between the promotion, planning, emails, website, product creation, etc., it takes more than just you. Get some help from your team (even if temporary help) to make it all happen. Family/friends – tell them about the launch so they can support you during what will be one of the busiest times of your business.

A successful launch is all about anticipation. Remember when the iPhone 4 came out from Apple and there was all this build up for months before they actually had it available for sale? That’s a killer launch tactic. You want to create the momentum of leading up to something – something really big. This creates buzz and anticipation from people who want to find out about your launch. Hint: for online product launches – it usually is a big build up to a tele-seminar or webinar where you announce your product – and finally make it available for sale. Reminding people constantly about the event date before it takes place is another strategy to create more build up and anticipation.

You’ve got to be creative about what you’re launching. Let’s not forget the most important part of a launch is the content of what you’re actually selling. It’s got to be good stuff. But, what makes your product different? Why are people going to want it? Be creative with your marketing as part of the launch with everything from the angle/message for your tele-seminar to the videos you’re producing – it’s got to be different. Your sales page needs to be creative. How well can you present what you have?

A launch is all about giving people a reason to buy. Additional bonuses, a strong call to action, reduced pricing, pricing payment plans, etc. These are all reasons that will help make the case for the product. You want to give people an offer they can’t refuse and using incentives is a key to trigger people from prospect to buyer. One incentive to consider is planning a preview call or webinar to showcase what you have to offer (what you’re launching.) I would never recommend launching a new product or program to your entire list. Not everyone would be interested. But, inviting people to a free call or webinar where you deliver good content and essentially “preview” what you have to offer – and giving them a really good offer at the end of the call – is a great way to launch your product and get immediate sales.

If you’re selling a product with limited copies or a program with limited spaces –being transparent about the limited availability will definitely increase your selling conversion. People aren’t compelled to buy if they know they can some around anytime to buy if you have unlimited copies or spots. But, if there is only a certain number available – they will take action. Now, you need to be honest here and not pretend to have 10 copies of something to sell when in reality you have 100. That’s not very authentic. If the offer is ending soon because the event starts on a certain date or a program begins on a certain date – you should leverage that and showcase it to prospects so they know they need to take action.

Follow some of thee strategies for your next product launch and you’ll be sure to increase sales and convert more prospects into buyers.

Until Next Time… Learn It, Love It, Live It!

Your Assignment:
What are your launch plans for 2011? Do you have a new product or program you’re ready to sell to your list? It’s not as easy as just putting it up on your website and hoping for sales. Map out 2-3 action steps to implement from each of my 6 launch strategies above to ensure you can effectively and efficiently launch your next product or program for the best results possible. Don’t be afraid to try something different and be creative. And, your content has got to be killer more than anything – so don’t overlook delivering an amazing value to your clients or customers!
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