Authenticity Will Build Your Facebook Fanpage

There is no dispute that Facebook is a big deal. I mean a really BIG deal. Just recently CNN reported that for the first time ever, Internet users spent more time on Facebook than Google. Meaning, the trend is moving more towards people using Facebook for not only just social networking and sharing status updates with posting photos – but for searching and finding information relevant to what people are looking for. See the CNN post as the source:

What does this mean to you? Well, with almost 500 million users and Facebook posing a big threat to Google for search engine traffic – you better pay attention. How? In this post I will reveal some of the best ways to build your Facebook fanpage for your business – so you can convert more fans to your list and ultimately convert those prospects into paying clients. Cool, huh?

Disclaimer – these strategies may seem straight-forward at first, and not as “super cool” or “ninja like” as other Facebook fanpage tactics. Why? This is “authentic” Internet marketing where I place more value on the person and the relationship than the number of fans you can get. Sure, you can Google “facebook get more fans software” or something like that and pay $100 to get 100 fans overnight – but what good does that do? Chances are if you’re following me and reading what I have to share – it’s all about authenticity and not about the “churn and burn” approach to list building and getting clients.

Now, I like to view building your presence on Facebook with your fanpage in a similar way to building your email list. Meaning – you need to focus on some of the same ideas and concepts to build your Facebook fanpage as you would to build your email list. Facebook is in many ways another source of traffic and your fanpage is like the email list. Ideas like your IFO and sharing relevant high-value and high-content information is still priority number one. You can have an amazing fanpage setup and a killer message – but if you’re putting out crap content on your fanpage, why bother?

There are some specific differences though when it pertains to building your Facebook fanpage that are relevant more to Facebook than your email list.

Offer something on your fanpage that isn’t available anywhere else. This can be as simple as a tip of the week or a quote that you don’t share on your email list or blog. It’s a specific piece of content that people will feel compelled to pay attention to if they know they can’t get it anywhere else because it’s exclusively on your fanpage. You can take it a step further and mix it up with video or other content (like articles) that are only available on your fanpage. People will want to follow you and get that information more so than anywhere else and as a result become a fan of your fanpage to get that exclusive access.

Facebook, like other social media outlets, is more about the relationship than anything else. Yes, you might have heard this before, but do you really do it? I mean – let’s be real. You don’t get clients from Facebook. You get clients from the relationships you build with people on Facebook. So, as a result – you need to make building those relationships on Facebook a top priority. The more you really show up and be present with your network on Facebook and build that relationship, the more likely they are to join your fanpage and become a fan.

Engaging with your network is HUGE. You could say it’s part of the relationship but it’s really more about contributing to the conversation that’s happening on Facebook. Comment and answering questions is all about engaging with your audience. If someone comments on your post or photo, do you reply/engage with them by replying back? If not – that’s kind of a big deal. It’s like having a conversation in person and someone saying – “I really love this photo or quote you posted” and you just standing there not saying anything. Duh!

A new approach to engage people on Facebook is by offering contests. Kind of like a hybrid of the exclusivity and high-value / high-content information you have to share where you offer “something” to people on your fanpage where your fans essentially compete to win something of value. It could be a 15 minute coaching call, a product, a great resources you have, etc. The more participation and “friendly competition” you have – the more likely it will spread and get others to participate and as a result increase your fans.

Now here are some of my top ways to easily get new fans to your fanpage (most don’t require a lot of explanation and should be self-explanatory)

  • Ask your Facebook friends. You can invite current friends on Facebook (friends meaning they are a friend of your Facebook profile) to “Like” your fanpage
  • Invite your email list. Why not make mention of your Facebook fanpage in your ezine or emails to new subscribers they can also connect with you on Facebook?
  • Promote your fanpage using Facebook fanpage box. You can easily put a fanpage “Like” box right on your website where with 1-click people can become a fan of your fanpage. Check out my as an example
  • Facebook Like button for blog posts. Whenever you post a blog article, be sure to allow ways for people to 1-click they like your blog posts. WordPress has great plug-ins for this and again – check out my blog posts as examples
  • Tagging friends in status / notes / photos / videos. If you upload photos and videos to your fanpage and “tag” friends – those updates will appear in their news feed and highlight your fanpage to their network of friends. Hint – to tag someone in your status just type ‘@’ and type part of their name and you will see a drop-down list where you can select your friend
  • Follow Me button. Use this on your website to allow people to directly click and visit your fanpage
  • Invite your Twitter followers. Specifically refer to your fanpage in your social media “tweets” where you offer a great resource for people to learn more about you and what you have to offer
  • Advertising. Facebook ads is actually my best way to secretly add tons of new fans to your fanpage. Will be discussed in a future post though. ☺

Follow some of these Facebook fanpage secrets and you’ll be soon getting more fans (authentically) and ultimately more clients.

Until next time… Learn It, Love It, Live It!


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11 thoughts on “Authenticity Will Build Your Facebook Fanpage”

  1. Hi Derrick I just stumbled upon your page, well actually your blog was recommended to me. So if I have an ebook on my fanpage that is partially visible until someone clicks my like button is this being ingenuous?I am giving them something they perceive to be valuable enough to want to click. Then once they click on the like and the image is visible they must click the ebook cover to get instructions on how to download it, is this is ingenuous? Please help me out here, I thought this was a great approach to both build my fan base and my list. Please take a look and offer you opinion thank you,

    1. Hi Gilberto,

      Welcome – and glad I can help… I would recommend keeping the opt-in box back on Facebook as opposed to taking the user to a separate website. You want to try and keep everything contained within Facebook as opposed to driving them to a non Facebook page to opt-in. If you can keep them on Facebook, the better your conversion. I think your approach seems fine with the e-book offer. The question is would your niche / audience be open to that approach? For some markets (say like IM) I’d say yes – for others, probably not. Good luck!


  2. hi Derek, Great post. My favorite strategy is also Facebook PPC to quickly build a fan page. This is something I have really focused on, as it seems to be the wave of the future for traffic generation. Would love to bounce ideas around some time soon!

    all the best,

    1. Yes! I love facebook ads as well and we currently use them to generate new leads for our online offers as well as build our fanbase for our fanpages.

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