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Question: Any suggestion on how I can avoid going into my recipients Junk/Spam Folder? This includes people who email me, so when I reply, there I go, junk and spam. I am getting so frustrated and it’s a big waste of time.

Answer: It depends on your email service provider. Aweber actually has a built in “spam-scorer” that will indicate on a scale of 1-5 how “spam rich” your email is and will give suggestions on things to do to lower the spam score. You can also try to see how well your email ranks for spam. Lastly, your email hosting may be shared with another email provider that is sending a lot of spam – in which case your emails are being marked as spam due to someone else sending junk. It’s kind of like one bad apple ruins the bunch. Solution? Consider upgrading your email hosting to a dedicated email server just for you.

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  1. Derek, thank you for such a quick reply. You hit it in your last sentence. You also taught me it’s time to learn more about Aweber. As always you provide high content.
    xoxo Denise

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